Yelp to cover travel costs for workers wishing to have an abortion


SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Yelp will cover travel costs for employees who must travel out of state for abortions, joining ranks of major employers trying to help workers affected by new restrictions in Texas and other States.

The benefit announced Tuesday covers the online exam service’s 4,000 employees, but appears most likely to have its biggest immediate impact on its 200 employees in Texas, which passed a law banning abortions in the state. Condition after six weeks of pregnancy.

“We have long been an advocate for equality in the workplace and believe that gender equality cannot be achieved if women’s rights to health care are curtailed,” said Miriam Warren, Chief Diversity Officer at Yelp.

Other states, including Oklahoma, are also cracking down on abortions, prompting San Francisco-based Yelp and several other companies to develop policies to help their workers get reproductive health care in other states.

Last month, New York-based Citigroup unveiled plans to cover the travel costs of one of its more than 220,000 employees, thousands of whom work in Texas, who travel to another state for an abortion. .

The two largest US ride-sharing services, Uber and Lyft, announced last year they would pay legal fees for drivers who could be sued under new Texas law for carrying a passenger to a meeting for an abortion.

The policies expose companies to potential backlash from those who support abortion restrictions, but could be an advantage for employers in states like Texas in an increasingly competitive job market. .

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