why it’s gaining popularity and what local experts are saying


TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) — Pet insurance is like health insurance, but it’s used to cover medical expenses for cats and dogs.

According to Dr. Brooke West, owner of West Toledo Animal Hospital, this type of insurance has been around for some time.

“You pay your bill here at the animal hospital and then you submit your claim to your insurance company,” West said. “Then they reimburse you regardless of your coverage.”

Recently, however, she says more and more of her clients are asking for extra protection.

“It’s become so popular now that many insurance companies for your car and home also have pet insurance,” West added.

Insurance agent Dana Mathewson tells us that State Farm is one such insurance company that also offers coverage for pets. He says he begins the pet insurance process by helping clients choose an appropriate deductible.

“After your deductible, 90% of all covered claims are paid by insurance, and you pay the 10%,” Mathewson said.

Mathewson adds that the deductible only applies per illness, rather than per year like most health insurance plans, but what exactly is covered by this type of insurance?

“Illness or accident, so illness or accident, it’s not pre-existing,” Mathewson said.

You can also add so-called “jumpers” if needed. An example of an endorsement concerns rehabilitation.

“The number two loss in dogs is a torn ACL and so if a dog were to tear their ACL, not only is the repair covered, but also the rehabilitation is covered,” Mathewson said.

Mathewson and Dr. West both tell 13abc that they highly recommend pet insurance if you own a cat or dog because it’s not only affordable, but also gives pet owners peace of mind. .

“When you’re dealing with an emergency where you don’t have time to fundraise or save money or a budget for it, that really helps in those types of situations,” West said. “It comes down to life or death because of the cost.”

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