Watch: Members of Converge, Dillinger Escape Plan, Kiss It Goodbye and more Cover Botch


It’s ’90s metalcore heaven: popular metal-themed web show Two Minutes to Late Night recently recruited Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou, original vocalist of The Dillinger Escape Plan Dimitri Minakakis, former Kiss It Goodbye drummer Andrew Gormley and Helms bassist Alee Ben Verellen to cover the classic Botch “To Our Friends in the Great White North.”

Unsurprisingly, coverage absolutely rules. It was even mixed by producer Matt Bayles, who handled the mixing on Botch’s we are the romans. It’s a pleasant surprise to hear Minakakis, who left Dillinger after 1999 Calculation of infinityonly appearing again on anger works and for special appearances at the band’s later shows. Gormley has performed with a number of crucial artists including Kiss It Goodbye, Rorschach, Shai Hulud and Playing Enemy.

According to the description of the video, this cover of “To Our Friends in the Great White North” is the start of Two Minutes to Late Night’s Summer of Hardcore, which they describe as their “tribute to all things mosh”. The video promises a steady stream of covers, so stay tuned for the Two minutes ’til late at night channel for more updates on this.

This is far from the first cover that Two Minutes has produced. Their “Covers” playlist on Youtube features 64 different videos, with contributions from almost every metal musician who knows how to use the internet (and probably some who don’t). Check out some of our favorites below.

David Bowie – “Station to Station” (Marty Friedman, Laura Pleasents, Chris Johnson, John Rice, Emily Lee, Jordan Olds)

Judas Priest – “Screaming for Vengeance” Bedroom Cover (Brann Dailor, Gene Hoglan, Nili Brosh, Jonathan Donais, Phil “LandPhil” Hall, Jordan Olds)

Pixies – “Where’s My Mind?” Hardcore Cover (Touché Amoré + Vein.Fm + Pup + Bloodbather + God’s Hate)

It’s a good start for the summer of hardcore! Now, if only we could have a real Botch reunion…


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