Turmeric Health Benefits In Winter And 5 Turmeric Drinks To Have


With winter comes a host of diseases. But you don’t need to get bogged down if you know how to prevent and cure these ailments using home remedies. One of the best remedies present in every Indian household is turmeric. It is part of the range of natural products revered in India. Turmeric is part of traditional Indian medicine due to its healing properties. It is a natural antioxidant and also has anti-inflammatory properties. The chemicals in turmeric help heal a cold, winter sinuses, sore joints, and indigestion. It also relieves sore throats and bacterial infections, which are prevalent during winters. Turmeric helps strengthen the body’s immune system to resist many diseases.

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The best way to experience the benefits of turmeric is to have it in our daily diet. Supplements or pills cannot replace raw turmeric in terms of health benefits. Boost your immunity this winter by enjoying drinks rich in turmeric. Here are five recipes you can include in your diet:

1.Haldi-Ajwain Ka Pani

This simple drink requires you to soak ajwain or carom seeds in water overnight. The next day, boil this water with raw turmeric. Filter it and drink it for your health.

Turmeric milk is warm and soothing.

2. Turmeric masala milk

Prepare this ancient medicinal drink with boiled milk, turmeric, ground cinnamon and black pepper. You can also add sugar, honey or jaggery to taste. Serve it lukewarm.

3. Detox drink with orange and ginger

Detoxify yourself with the benefits of orange and turmeric in one drink. Also add a large carrot to the recipe and squeeze out all the ingredients. Add the crushed ginger. Combine the main ingredients and add lemon juice for a tangy taste.

4. Turmeric Milk Punch

Make your drink a little more interesting with coconut milk, nutmeg, honey and cinnamon powder. Also add ginger powder as it helps build immunity. Garnish this drink with sprigs of cilantro and drops of chili oil.


Smoothies are a refreshing way to start the day.

5. Turmeric orange smoothie with vanilla yogurt

Orange juice becomes healthier when you turn it into a smoothie with turmeric, vanilla yogurt, and frozen banana. Add cinnamon for flavor. For extra sweetness, add honey and sprinkle with nuts for a unique texture.

Try these recipes and let us know in the comments section how you liked them.


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