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Stephen W. Hall, CEBS CPBS, CSFS, CRHA

It has become increasingly difficult to meet the needs of our diverse and multigenerational workforce due to new regulations and healthcare costs. At Alltrust, we provide recommendations based on your specific business needs, ranging from medical, vision, life, dental, life and disability insurance, and more.

Our certified experts are ready to help you in the following cases:

Benefits Consulting

Alltrust Insurance specializes in offering group insurance including vision, dental care, a range of voluntary benefits and more. We represent all of the major medical providers in Florida and beyond at the highest level to provide you with the best possible results. We also represent all of the major medical providers in Florida and beyond at the highest level.

Human resources and compliance

Alltrust Insurance offers resources to help you meet your human capital needs and provide regulatory advice. Starting with Mineral, a free human resources consulting program for all of our clients. For additional compliance questions on work, employment issues and beyond, we have a team of consultants on standby ready to assist.

Advantages Technology consulting

Alltrust Insurance strives to understand your business needs and meet your requirements with customized HRIS or HCM technologies through a consultative approach. à We strive to help your business maintain employee records and operate more efficiently.

Cost management strategies

Alltrust Insurance works with you to control costs now and in the future with unique strategies. Our risk management solutions, strategic partnerships and years of expertise help you mitigate your level of risk and understand your finances so you can better manage the costs involved in your business and benefit programs.

Mental health and wellness programs

Alltrust can help create and implement a workplace wellness platform that increases employee productivity and reduces costs associated with healthcare spending. We’ve also partnered with eMindful, a FREE mindfulness platform to provide live and virtual mindfulness solutions to your employees and their dependents.

Let Alltrust be the benefits agency you deserve

The world of employee benefits can be difficult to understand and navigate. With benefits being one of the biggest expenses for many businesses, choosing the best plan for your employees is one of the most important decisions. At Alltrust Insurance, we’re committed to helping businesses make better decisions about their benefits and finances. Let our Alltrust team save you money on your employee health plans and visit our website to register for a free employee benefits review today.

STEPHEN W. HALL, CEBS CPBS, CSFS, CHRP Market President of Alltrust Insurance

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