Sunday Miami Dolphins Mailbag: Where Eichenberg fits in, who benefits most from coaching changes, RB room, and more


Part 3 of Latest SI Fan Nation All Dolphins Postbag:

From Keith (@Keithrogue1):

Alain, some of my favorite Dolphins non-top 5 all-time moments: Armstrong sacking Flutie, Duhe 3rd INT, Marino to Duper on the left sideline to beat the Jets. What you say?

Hey Keith, that’s three good plays and I would add Lamar Smith’s touchdown to beat Indy in the playoff game and the Miami Miracle. Of your three games in particular, Armstrong’s sack crowned an absolute one-game thriller; Duhe’s choice was significant in that he essentially sent the Dolphins to the Super Bowl; and the Marino to Duper to beat the Jets came in the very first Dolphins game that I’ve covered in my journalism career, even though my assignment that day for the Miami News was to do a story on the Jets and let me tell you, the dressing room was not a happy place afterwards. Last, to set the record straight, the pass was on the right sideline and Duper reached out to catch the ball with just his right hand. And those three games were in the top 20 of my countdown of the 100 best games in Dolphins history.

From Phinfanalyst (@Phinfanalyst):

Where does Liam Eichenberg start in this system?

Hi, Eichenberg is an interesting case because I think he showed up late enough in the season to think there’s something to work with and he can be a solid starter, but I don’t know if I see a slam-dunk spot for him because he doesn’t look like the typical west coast offensive lineman to me, who tends to be maybe a bit shorter but more mobile. I’m actually very interested to know where he ends up next season.

From Mcdrip’s twin (@TheGreatPhinsby):

Alan!! How was the interview with the coaches? Details my man. Alan! I’ve been too busy working last week. Can you keep me posted on the latest buzz? All signatures, cuts, etc.

Hey there well the media session with the assistant coaches was very cool starting with Mike McDaniel coming out to address the reporters (a nice touch) and I wrote about it in detail earlier this week . I covered Sam, Pat and Wes throughout their careers with the Dolphins, so it was cool to see them again and talk to them again. As for the latest buzz, the only deals on the roster last week involved the signing of former Cardinals QB Chris Streveler, who has been compared in some places to someone like Taysom Hill due to his ability. to run.

From JPB230659 (@jpb230659):

Hi Alan! Which player not named Tua will benefit the most from coaching changes?

Hi my friend, hmm, very interesting question (man, there were a lot of good ones this week!). Well, since the most significant changes have come on the attacking side of the ball, that’s where I logically need to go and perhaps more specifically along the offensive line. And if I have to target a specific player who could benefit from improved coaching, I think I’ll go with Austin Jackson. And I would be remiss if I didn’t add Noah Igbinoghene who now has the chance to learn from Sam Madison and Patrick Surtain.

From Ken Dasher (@kdash65):

What is your opinion of the RB room at this point?

Hey Ken, even if I include everyone currently on the list (with UFAs pending), it’s still kind of disappointing because I don’t see a stud (difference maker) in there, even though Duke Johnson looked good at the end of the season. But Johnson is one of those waiting UFAs and hopefully the Dolphins bring him back. Other than that, it’s just for me a useful collection of players who will get the yardage that’s there but not necessarily much more than that.

From Olive Grove Jon (@Owlizee):

Given how weak Miami’s first-round pick is. Is there anyone worth evolving for?

Hey OGJ, the problem with trading is giving away additional assets. At this point, which is very early in my working draft, I haven’t really targeted many prospects, but I would tell you that landing a cornerback would be a priority if the Dolphins decide to move on from Xavien Howard or Byron Jones and with that in mind, the idea of ​​trading for Derek Stingley Jr. of LSU, Sauce Gardner of Cincinnati or Trent McDuffie of Washington would make sense.

From Derrick Love (@dlove91087):

Hi Alain, do you think the Dolphins will spend money on an RB and/or WR in free agency or address both in the draft? If so, any names you expect or would like to research?

Hey Derrick, I would say I think the Dolphins are much more likely to use free agency to get a wide receiver than a running back, in part because there will be a lot more options at that position. . As for running back, I’m not even convinced the Dolphins will even care about free agency or the draft if they end up re-signing one or both of Duke Johnson and Phillip Lindsay. As for potential targets, Mike Williams is certainly interesting at wide receiver and Sony Michel would be a good addition at running back.


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