State of the City of Green Bay Address Covers Coal Piles, Crime and Amtrak Trains


GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich delivered his State of the City address Thursday night, addressing a number of issues including crime, inflation and clean energy . He also touched on election integrity with the ongoing early voting.

The mayor spoke for nearly an hour, highlighting the status of a number of city projects. He also made some big announcements.

Mayor Genrich chose Bay Beach to deliver his State of the City address, saying it was the same backdrop President Franklin D. Roosevelt used nearly 88 years ago when he came to Green Bay during the Great Depression.

“The Great Depression and COVID-19 were distinct societal challenges, of course, but they both tested our community in ways that left deep scars and caused previously unimaginable trauma,” Genrich said.

Like the New Deal of the 1930s, says Genrich, clean energy will be key to moving the country forward and fighting climate change.

“Just this Tuesday, our finance committee also accepted a grant from the Wisconsin Public Service Commission that will fund the creation of a comprehensive clean energy plan that will allow us to chart a realistic path toward a future for the city. of Green Bay which is carbon-free, fiscally prudent.

This includes moving coal piles from the downtown riverfront. And Genrich has an idea for the northernmost 10 acres of the site. Genrich envisions passenger train service that would connect the city to Milwaukee and beyond.

“Ultimately, I think this former coal heap site would be an ideal location for an Amtrak station in downtown Green Bay.”

Early in-person voting began in the city on Tuesday and, according to the mayor, an extension of those hours.

“In Green Bay, we will have more hours for early and mail-in voting than ever before. We added Saturday voting in 2020, through the leadership of Clerk Jefferies, and with the support of our Common Council, we now have the funds to hold Sunday voting as well.

The mayor also acknowledges that crime has recently become a bigger problem.

“Green Bay, like just about every community in the country, has seen an increase in some crime, but we remain a safe community because of our officers, our ranks and our commanders, and because we are a community that stands up. expects our laws to be obeyed. »

The mayor also says the city is in good financial shape, listing $31.5 million in its fund balance at the end of last year.

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