Should illegal immigrants benefit from federal family allowances?


Owith the mayors of New York City and washington dc, are already complaining about the pressure that migrants arrested for illegally crossing the southern border are putting on their budget, is now really the right time to give more money to illegal immigrants?

Fortunately, Republican Senator Mitt Romney Family Security Act contains a provision that ensures that only relatives authorized to stay in the country will receive the benefits of the federal tax code.

The legislation, which provides families earning more than $10,000 a year with a check for $350 a month for each child under 6 and a check for $250 a month for each child 6 to 17, is fully paid consolidating existing tax benefit programs and ending the state and local tax deduction, which primarily benefits wealthy households.

By limiting eligibility for these payments to parents with Social Security numbers, illegal immigrants who only have individual tax identification numbers issued by the IRS will not be eligible for the program.

Under current law, millions of illegal immigrant parents already receive existing Child Tax Credit benefits if their children have Social Security numbers. The Family Security Act would end these payments to illegal immigrants.

With more than 1.3 million illegal immigrants already captured and released in the United States under President Joe Biden, a population of more than nine states and double that of Washington, DC, we must ensure that the policies designed to help American families helping American families and not benefiting those who came here illegally.


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