Sales Tax Weekend benefits consumers and retailers alike | Local News


Shoppers in the Enid area are gearing up for the Sales Tax Holiday weekend, which runs from August 5-7.

Enacted by the Oklahoma Legislature in 2007, the sales tax exemption provides consumers with more affordable back-to-school shopping.

During the weekend, retailers cannot charge tax on tax-exempt items during the sales tax holiday weekend.

It’s a weekend that benefits both consumers and retailers because it can motivate people to buy local.

Harlie Patocka of Okie Babe Boutique said it was a weekend she always tries to take advantage of for her customers.

“Honestly, I feel like tax-free gets people excited because the items are discounted, and with back-to-school shopping, any kind of saving is great,” Patocka said. “Anytime we can pass the savings on to customers, I’m all for it.”

Tani Mahaffy of Boho Teepee said it’s a weekend people have been waiting for to get the discounted things they need.

“We get a lot more traffic on weekends without tax,” Mahaffy said. “People are waiting for this. It’s basically a 9% discount before any sale that might take place. Things are getting so expensive these days, why don’t you try to buy well? There’s a little pause for the customers.

Mahaffy also said it was an opportunity to shop at stores in the Enid area, which she says has been great for the community.

“That way we can support each other,” Mahaffy said. “I know we try to do discounts here and there to try to help what they get while they support us.”

Patocka said Okie Babe Boutique is able to benefit from the additional customers who can come in while providing shoppers with a break.

“The tax refund is almost like putting your whole store up for sale, and we still benefit from the sales, as do the customers who don’t have to pay the tax,” Patocka said. “Anytime the business and the customers can benefit from it, that’s great.”

The sales tax holiday will begin at 12:01 a.m. on August 5 and end at midnight on August 7.


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