Riverina Feral Fighters Comp Highlights Pest Control Benefits


Two Riverina property managers have been recognized for their work in pest management, with the Fox Dog Lotto contest draw last week.

Farmers Gundagai and Young were drawn as first and second prize winners, receiving a John Deere riding mower and a Stihl chainsaw respectively for their involvement in the Feral Fighters program.

The Fox Dog Lotto is part of the Feral Fighters program, an initiative to target pests through strategic and coordinated group baits.

To encourage participation, Riverina Local Land Services pulls weekly and annual prizes for landowners who purchase pest bait during the organization’s fall or spring baiting campaigns, said Tom Schlunke, head of the biosecurity of local land services.

“Since its inception, Feral Fighters has dramatically improved group participation in fox and wild dog control programs across the Riverina,” Schlunke said.

“By joining the Feral Fighters campaign, you are a local champion for effective invasive species management and you are supporting your neighbors, your community, local industries and the environment.

“Landowners who purchase 1080 baits from local land departments during the fall or spring bait campaigns are automatically entered into the draw to win a John Deere riding lawn mower or Stihl chainsaw.

“There are also weekly dog ​​food prizes that are drawn from the monthly bait programs.”

By participating in Feral Fighter’s coordinated baiting programs, landowners receive:

  • free training on vertebrate pesticides, in person if available or online, including Canid Pest Ejectors
  • the first 30 1080 free meat baits (in the fall and spring programs)
  • up-to-date information and support from local Riverina land services.

There are minimum requirements for participation, including accreditation and distance restrictions for 1080 fox and dog bait.

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