Rick Tinker Insurance offers comprehensive plans for condo insurance in Houston and Pasadena, TX


Rick Tinker Insurance offers condo insurance coverage in addition to many other insurance options.

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Pearland, TX – (ReleaseWire) – 07/15/2022 – Condo owners also face the same risks and potential claims as a typical single family homeowner. Therefore, condo owners should invest in an appropriate condo insurance plan to protect their property should the unexpected happen. The insurance policy held by the Condominium Owners Association generally covers the building and common areas, not damages that occur inside an individual unit. Each co-owner must therefore invest in a plan that adequately protects his unit, the light fixtures inside and his belongings. Such a plan should include personal liability protection if a third party is injured in the unit. This is where Rick Tinker Insurance comes in. They established their name for condo insurance in Houston and Pasadena, TX.

Rick Tinker Insurance agents help clients understand their association’s rules and then determine what coverage they need. There are cases where the corporation is responsible for insuring the individual condominium units as they were originally built. In such situations, each condo owner would only be responsible for the modifications made to the original structure and would take out an insurance plan accordingly. Sometimes the association is only responsible for insuring the floor, ceiling and bare walls; therefore, every condo owner would need a more comprehensive insurance plan.

Whatever their specific needs, Rick Tinker Insurance agents are always ready to help their clients.

They can even conduct a review of a client’s current condo insurance policy to ensure there are no gaps in their policy.

Rick Tinker Insurance offers insurance for businesses, homes, condos, cars and motorcycles in Houston and Rosharon, TX. Call Rick Tinker Insurance at 281-484-7158 or 888-348-3207.

About Rick Tinker Insurance
Rick Tinker Insurance is an insurance agency serving families and businesses in Houston, League City, Manvel, Pasadena, Pearland, Rosharon, Webster and the Gulf Coast of Texas.

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