Nevada Department of Employment says PUA claimants may not receive deferred benefits until next week


LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – Many Nevadans feel the state employment agency has wronged them yet again. The ministry did not process pandemic unemployment assistance payments last Monday, saying it was a federal holiday. Now, these claimants may not receive their benefits until next week.

The Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation posted on Facebook and sent a statement to 13 Action News on Thursday that read:

Through diligent outreach to claimants, DETR was informed on Thursday that PUA benefit payments had not been processed on Monday, July 5. Unfortunately, it initially appeared that the late payments were the result of the Federal Bank Holiday.

Currently, payment for PUA applicants who filed their weekly certificates on Sunday July 4 will be processed on Friday July 9 and benefit recipients can expect their deposit to be made to their account within three days. working days. DETR is working with our third party vendor to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

We understand the stress and pressure that delayed benefits cause claimants and are committed to improving benefit delivery in the future.

Regular UI recipients are not affected by this delay.

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When you add up the days, PUA payments made that week may not be deposited into applicants’ accounts until July 14 at the latest. Some claimants say they can’t wait any longer to receive their benefits.

Sal Capano is among the thousands of Nevadans who request their approved PUA benefits and wait to receive them by direct deposit.

“It’s very stressful. It really is, because every week when we produce a case, a lot of us don’t know if there is going to be a problem or if we are going to be paid,” said Capano.

“I have a mortgage,” he continued. “Today is July 8 and our mortgage has a five day grace period, so they call me every day on the 1-800 number. So what do you tell them?

“I got a car payment which is actually due tomorrow,” he said. “And there are worse people than that. Where are you going to have your next meal? So we depend on it.

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“It’s the start of the month and everyone has their monthly bills,” added Dan, who prefers to keep his last name private. “You have your rent payment, you have your car payment, you have your insurance payment, you have your cell phone payment. you can.”

Dan recently received his Way2Go prepaid debit card from DETR, but it didn’t make a difference for him to get his benefits. Like Sal, he’s still waiting.

“Oh yeah, it’s costing you dearly. And DETR wants everyone to call them tomorrow if they don’t get their funds. Getting to DETR is about as easy as climbing Mount Everest,” Dan said.

Capano says many claimants cannot wait any longer to receive their benefits.

“Lots of stress. There are people who are on my Facebook group, as well as YouTube, who are in dire straits. They don’t work, or some work part-time. They really need this money to get themselves. They can’t wait another week or a few more days, ”Capano said.


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