Murphy to announce health care for undocumented children in budget speech


Governor Phil Murphy is expected to announce an $11 million plan to provide health care for thousands of undocumented children in his budget speech Tuesday afternoon, the New Jersey Monitor has learned.

The initiative would be an extension of his promise to “cover all children”, which he made in his budget speech last year. More than 26,000 residents under the age of 21 have been added to the state’s Medicaid program since then, according to state officials.

“Through this budget, we will continue to support our ‘covering every child’ initiative that ensures every child in New Jersey has access to health care,” Murphy is expected to say during his speech, which is scheduled to begin at 2 p.m.

The children would be enrolled in NJ FamilyCare, the state’s Medicaid program. It’s unclear what the listing process would be if the legislature included the plan when it finalizes the budget later this year.

Most undocumented residents are generally not eligible to purchase health care plans made available under the federal Affordable Care Act and have limited access to health care services.

It’s unclear how many children who are currently ineligible due to immigration status would benefit from the proposed expansion of NJ FamilyCare. Lawyers believe the number could exceed 20,000.

A Murphy administration official said he was confident the funding would go through, calling it small credit. Last year’s budget was about $48 billion.

Murphy had planned to allow undocumented children to enroll in NJ FamilyCare last year, but the wording of the bill was revised before he signed it. According to NJ Spotlight News, migrant children were excluded because lawmakers who were running for re-election did not want to formally vote to fund health insurance for undocumented residents with public funds. All 120 legislative seats were up for grabs in November.

Over the past year, NJ FamilyCare has eliminated the 90-day waiting period for children to access Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program premiums for families earning less than 350% of the income threshold. federal poverty, or about $6,400 a month for a family. of three. The state also sent targeted mailings to community partners, food pantries, libraries, laundromats, family planning centers and other faith-based community and immigrant advocacy groups, the spokesperson said. from DHS, Tom Hester.


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