Less than half of all female veterans do not take advantage of benefits


LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — The Department of Veterans Affairs says less than half of all female veterans don’t use their benefits.

The reason the numbers are lower for women is that many simply don’t consider themselves veterans, according to the department.

“We didn’t think we were eligible,” said Cindy Clements-Miller, the veteran women’s program manager. “We didn’t think we served long enough. We didn’t serve in combat, so we thought that made us ineligible. We didn’t know we were veterans.

But the Southern Nevada VA is trending more positively than elsewhere in the country. He expects to care for 6% more female veterans each year. And a brand new stand-alone facility will be launched later this year just for them.

“We’re just expanding and modernizing and trying to make it the absolute best care,” she said.

This will provide gender-sensitive care in a separate new building.

“We’re trying to challenge the stereotypical image of what a veteran is and help people understand that your service entitles you to the benefits of being a veteran,” said John Archiquette, public affairs at the VA.

Women are the fastest growing post-9/11 veteran demographic. And our VA is already ahead of the curve.

“We’re here, we want to serve them,” Clements-Miller said. “And you open yourself up to incredible opportunities.”

If you want to take advantage of the benefits you may have been sitting on, be sure to check out va.gov/womenvet.

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