Lawsuit to restore federal unemployment benefits COVID rejected


A lawsuit filed in August to restore federal unemployment benefits was dismissed by Cole County court.

In his judgment, Cole County Presiding Judge Jon Beetem said the case was moot and dismissed it without prejudice, meaning those who filed the complaint are not precluded from filing it. again.

Missouri withdrew unemployment relief in June, citing labor shortages

Missouri Jobs with Justice filed a lawsuit, arguing that the blocking of federal aid directly violated Missouri law.

Governor Mike Parson, who made Missouri one of the first states in the country to withdraw federal pandemic aid, has been named in the lawsuit. Parson said he made the decision to stop urging workers to stay home.

In its ruling, Beetem wrote that the benefits fell under the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act, also known as the CARES Act, in accordance with an agreement between the state and the government. federal. This agreement allowed the state to terminate its participation in the federal program with 30 days written notice, which it did.

Beetem previously denied Missouri Jobs’ request for a preliminary injunction in the case. By definition, it is an order made at the start of a trial that prohibits the parties from doing a contested act, thus maintaining the status quo until a final judgment is rendered after the trial.

After making this order, the benefits in question expired and will not be extended by the federal government. Beetem said the case was moot.

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