Ill. House Democrats: State Rep. Barbara Hernandez passes law providing medical assistance to expectant parents and prenatal vitamins


Targeted News Service (Press Releases)

AURORA, Ill., March 5 — Illinois House Democrats issued the following press release:

State Representative Barbara HernándezD-Dawnrecently passed legislation to reduce the costs of prenatal vitamins prescribed to pregnant women by including them in individual and group health insurance policies.

“Mothers-to-be who are simply trying to stay healthy and follow their doctor’s instructions shouldn’t be denied opportunities because poor-quality health coverage makes prenatal vitamins too expensive,” Hernandez said. “Carrying a child requires a lot of nutrients, and children born without the vitamins they need are more likely to have unsafe births and birth defects that can affect them for the rest of their lives.”

Hernandez recently passed House Bill 4338, which requires doctor-recommended prenatal vitamins to be covered by all individual and group accident and sickness insurance policies that include prescription drug benefits. She is supported to this extent by numerous advocacy groups, including Planned Parenthood Illinois Action, She Votes Illinois, the Shriver Center on the law on poverty and American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. It passed the House with strong bipartisan support and is now moving to the Senate for exam.

Hernandez has also passed numerous other reproductive health bills in previous sessions, including several measures to expand access to menstrual hygiene products in schools. She is currently working to pass House Bill 4218, which guarantees menstrual hygiene products in Illinois to female bodies that are embodied.

“Reproductive health is a priority for me, and I plan to continue to fight for Illinois with female bodies to have access to the services and products they need to maintain their reproductive health, regardless of their circumstances or backgrounds.” , Hernandez said. “For too long these needs have not received the attention they deserve, but I am here to make sure that changes.”


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