How we’ll cover plans for a new Buffalo Bills stadium


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So you may have heard there are plans for a new stadium to house Western New York’s favorite football teamthe Buffalo Bills.

And you may have also heard that the Hochul administration is pledging public funds to help build this new stadium in Orchard Park — some $850 million in public funds.

And, once again, you very well heard thatt the Seneca Nation is unhappy with the state government in Albany for freezing his bank accounts and planning to funnel hundreds of millions of revenue-sharing funds from the Seneca casino to the Bills stadium project.

Put it all together, and it’s abundantly clear that the Bills’ quest to win a Super Bowl while Josh Allen is quarterback isn’t the only football drama in these parts.

You can count on the Democrat and the Chronicle to stay focused on all intertwining issues. Indeed, the biggest question of all is, how much is it worth to Western New York and the state as a whole to ensure that the Buffalo Bills football team continues to play close from the shores of Lake Erie?

That’s a sports fan question, sure. Buffalo fans have long suffered and longed for a Super Bowl title.

But it is also a political, economic and social question.

As a political issue, it affects Governor Kathy Hochul’s electoral fortunes in the June Democratic Party primary and possibly in the November general election.

As an economic issue, it relates to the massive public and private investment needed for the $1.4 billion football stadium project and the potential spinoffs in terms of jobs and trade.

And as a social issue, it involves everything from priorities – does the continued presence of the football team mean anything to young people in New York cities affected by rising gun violence? — to relationships — like how well could state and local governments and the Seneca Nation get along in the wake of Albany’s freezing of the nation’s funds?

You’ll see our reporters pressing on every front this year and beyond, whether it’s our sports reporters, our business reporters, or our New York State team reporters. Bills writer Sal Maiorana is sure to capture all the action on the pitch this fall and next winter, and our news writers are sure to capture the growing amount of action off the pitch as well.

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