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Generally, people are used to consuming boiled or steamed cabbage. However, nutritionists point out that there is another method as well, in the form of juice, and one can always get more health benefits just like other forms.

Cabbage juice is not only good for you, it also works wonders for the skin and hair.

David Rukerabigwi, dietitian and nutritionist in Kigali says cabbage is normally a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals, along with juice; it benefits the body in many ways, from weight loss to glowing skin.

He notes that cabbage juice is high in nutrients, such as vitamins C and K, and its consumption has been linked with many supposed benefits, including weight loss and improved gut health.

Additionally, he says cabbage juice also helps boost the immune system.

“The consumption of cabbage juice has also been associated with reduced blood pressure, delayed aging and strengthening of hair, as well as reduced hair loss due to its high potassium content.” , he said.

Being a green vegetable, he says cabbage juice is rich in minerals; as such, it helps to strengthen the skin and its dose of vitamin C boosts immunity.

René Tabaro, nutritionist at King Faisal Hospital, says cabbage juice helps fight free radicals because it’s a great source of vitamins K and C, which help fight free radicals.

He says that normally, free radicals are the main cause of illnesses such as cancer and heart problems. These vitamins are also essential for keeping hair follicles healthy and for circulating oil to the scalp.

Additionally, he says the juice also helps detoxify the skin, noting that purple cabbage and collard greens are high in silicon and sulfur, the beauty minerals.

“Sulfur is particularly present in every cell because it is responsible for nourishing and removing waste products from your cells,” he says.

He goes on to explain that cabbage juice helps flush toxins from the body, thereby helping to detoxify, remove the appearance of dull skin, and give it a glowing appearance.

Rukerabigwi says cabbage juice also contains an antioxidant that plays a role in detoxifying the liver.

In general, he says the liver plays a crucial role in various metabolic functions in the body, including protein synthesis, hormone production, and regulation of glycogen storage, among other benefits.

“Cabbage juice also helps improve bowel movement and as such keeps the lever in good condition,” he says.

Studies show that sulforaphane, found in cabbage, helps prevent cancer cells.

Cabbage juice contains isocyanate, which helps prevent the risk of breast, lung, stomach, prostate and colon cancer, according to a study by Georgetown University Medical Center (United States). ).

For those looking to maintain or lose weight, cabbage juice can be a health solution when you need to rejuvenate.

He says that not only will it help you feel refreshed, but it will keep an eye out for obesity-related issues, but the juice can also be effective in helping shed pounds if you drink it daily.

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