Godfread announces 2023 health insurance rates


BISMARCK, ND (NDDI) — Insurance Commissioner Jon Godfread has released approved rates for individual and small group health insurance plans for the 2023 plan year.

“With rising inflation, families in North Dakota are trying to make their dollar grow. These rate changes remain relatively consistent with previous years and may provide some relief to portfolios,” Godfread said. “I strongly encourage North Dakotans to review your plan and shop around as plans and benefits may have changed. Make sure your plan meets both your health needs and is financially viable for you and your family.

Insurance companies submit proposals for rates, coverages and benefits to the North Dakota Department of Insurance each year. All plan elements and pricing are reviewed, and potentially modified, to ensure the financial viability of what is being offered.

Three statewide insurance companies operate in the individual market and are available through Healthcare.gov on the Exchange and through insurance agents. Five major carriers exist in the small group market, primarily purchased by small business employers.

About 45,000 North Dakotans buy in the individual market.

Small group market
Company Name Demand Approved
Medium Minimum Maximum Medium Minimum Maximum
HealthPartners Insurance Company 4.30% -1.26% 6.64% 4.30% -1.26% 6.64%
UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company* 7.92% 7.92% 7.92% 7.92% 7.92% 7.92%
Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota 11.10% 9.30% 12.30% 8.80% 6.90% 9.70%
Sanford Health Plan 6.38% -0.90% 12.59% 6.38% -0.90% 12.59%
Medical insurance company -4.59% -12.11% -3.43% -7.51% -17.13% -4.75%
Individual market
Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota 5.80% 2.20% 6.90% 3.30% -0.20% 4.40%
Sanford Health Plan 5.67% -2.72% 12.90% 5.67% -2.72% 12.90%
Medicare plan 10.84% 9.08% 16.17% 8.51% 1.17% 15.24%

* United Healthcare has discontinued all but one plan.

Open enrollment for plans under the Affordable Care Act will run from November 1 through December 15 for coverage to begin January 1.


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