Flow introduces simplified rental coverage


Flow has added an exclusive home insurance product for renters, the second entry on its menu after auto insurance, introduced last year.

Flow is the brand of LV = which offers monthly subscription insurance to millennial customers on the go. Its simplified product, which covers property against theft, fire, vandalism, flooding and broken pipes, is aimed at young tenants as well as those who want fast and flexible insurance without a long-term commitment. .

According to Flow, this simplified the quote process by limiting it to a few personal details, brief information about the property and the level of coverage the client wanted. Customers are then offered a fixed price for the first month and a guaranteed maximum price for each of the following three months.

The policy is fully self-service, with tenants being able to log into their account online to make changes to their policy without incurring any fees. If they want to add a specified item to their policy, they will instantly receive an updated quote.

Renters can tailor the product to their needs with content coverage for as little as £ 5,000. Optional extras include accidental damage coverage (for breakage and spills) and coverage for up to 10 specified items away from the property, such as bikes, cellphones, laptops, or jewelry.

Other benefits include up to £ 10,000 for damage to owner’s fixtures and fittings, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

“If you’re a renter, purchasing a standard insurance policy isn’t always easy,” said Henry Topham, Managing Director of Flow. “You will often be asked obscure questions like the make and model of the door locks or the material the roof is made of – the average renter won’t know, and actually doesn’t need them. Stream tenants move away from that and focus only on the tenant and their content.


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