Does pet insurance cover Parvo?


Which companies cover Parvo?

Here are our recommended pet health insurance providers and their stance on parvo coverage.

Parvo Lemonade Blanket

Although Lemonade has pretty solid health coverage as part of its standard plan, it lists exclusions for preventable issues. Unvaccinated dogs and cats will not benefit from parvo coverage. Lemonade offers a wellness supplement that covers certain vaccinations. You can benefit from vaccination coverage with the Preventive Puppy/Kitten package.

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Spot Parvo Blanket

Spot’s accident and illness plan covers the diagnosis and treatment of all illnesses occurring after the 14-day waiting period. There are no exclusions for preventable diseases, so it stands to reason that parvovirus is covered. Additionally, the parvo shot and booster are eligible for coverage under either of Spot’s preventative care plans.

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Adopt the Parvo blanket

According to Embrace’s sample policy, coverage is excluded for “treatments for any disease for which a vaccine is available…and for which vaccination is both recommended by your veterinarian and rejected by you.” This includes parvovirus, so your pet will need to be vaccinated. Fortunately, Embrace’s wellness add-on covers between $250 and $650 of preventative care per year, including vaccines and boosters.

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Figo Parvo Blanket

Figo Pet Insurance appears to cover parvovirus as part of its single accident and illness plan, with no exclusions for preventable illnesses. The company also offers two tiers of a “power-up” wellness plan that provides vaccine coverage for $30 to $50 per year. Plus, there’s no waiting period for wellness coverage, so you can sign up for a Figo plan and get your pet vaccinated the same day.

Best Parvo Coverage

Pets Best also has an accident and illness plan, but a sample policy states that the company will not pay claims for conditions resulting from failure to follow vaccine guidelines. Both parvovirus and feline panleukopenia are cited as examples. So if you’ve followed vaccination guidelines and your pet still has parvovirus, you’ll likely have met its requirements. Either way, Pets Best offers wellness add-ons to their plans that will cover $30-$40 in vaccination costs per year.

Careful coverage of pet parvos

Prudent Pet has accident-only and accident-and-sickness plans, but only the latter offers coverage for illnesses. The sample policy states, “We will not pay claims arising out of or related to any disease listed below that a veterinarian-recommended vaccine would have prevented”, and specifically lists parvovirus. However, if you add one of Prudent Pet’s wellness add-ons, you can receive $15 to $35 per year for the parvo shot or booster shots.

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ASPCA Pet Parvo Blanket

The ASPCA’s accident and sickness plan doesn’t exclude preventable illnesses, and its blog mentions that clients have submitted claims for parvo treatment, so presumably it’s covered. Additionally, with the Basic Wellness add-on, you can receive $20 of parvo vaccine coverage per year, and the Plus Wellness add-on includes $25 of coverage.

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