Does pet insurance cover cancer?


Which companies cover cancer?

Pet insurance companies provide coverage for a range of health issues. Many providers also include coverage or offer supplements for cancer and related treatments. We have researched some of the The costs of the main pet insurers and coverage options.

lemonade cancer blanket

Lemonade offers pet owners a basic accident and illness insurance policy that covers diagnostics, medications and procedures. The company offers a range of reimbursement rate, annual payment and deductible options, all of which determine your monthly premium. As long as the waiting period is over, this plan covers chronic conditions, including cancer and related treatments.

Lemonade’s policy will cover diagnostic tests to determine the location of the cancer, drugs to treat the cancer, and surgery to remove the tumor. Lemonade also offers wellness supplements, although these supplements are not required to receive cancer treatment.

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One-time cancer coverage

Spot offers accident and sickness cover which includes cancer treatments. Spot also covers all illness-related exam costs, which is quite unique for pet insurance. You can choose your deductible, reimbursement rate and annual payment, allowing you to customize your plan and monthly premium.

Spot covers costs related to advanced cancer diagnostics and treatments, such as chemotherapy and surgery. It also covers stem cell therapy, which your veterinarian may recommend depending on your pet’s condition.

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Fetch by The Dodo Cancer Blanket

Fetch by The Dodo’s pet insurance coverage is comprehensive. It covers your pet for many treatments, from routine vaccinations to cancer care. Based on your veterinarian’s recommendation, Fetch will cover cancer-related treatments, including diagnosis, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiology.

Its policies are customizable, and you can choose coverage and payment options to suit your budget. Whichever annual payment you choose, a Fetch policy covers veterinary oncology care and treatment.

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Trupanion Cancer Coverage

Trupanion offers unlimited payouts at a 90% refund rate. Its accident and sickness plan covers hereditary illnesses, congenital illnesses and other unexpected illnesses, including cancer.

With a Trupanion policy, your pet is covered for cancer and related treatments. Trupanion’s policy covers diagnostics, surgery, hospitalizations, medications and supplements, all of which are often necessary for the treatment of cancer in pets.

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Figo Cancer Blanket

Figo pet insurance offers customizable coverage options. Policyholders can choose their annual deductible, payment and reimbursement rates. Monthly premiums vary accordingly.

Figo provides coverage for cancer and related treatments. In addition to diagnostics, hospitalizations, medications and surgeries, Figo also covers cutting-edge cancer treatments, such as radiosurgery and CyberKnife.

Adopt Cancer Blanket

Embrace offers a custom blanket for pet parents, making it possible to cover your fur baby within your budget. However you customize your plan, Embrace covers cancer treatment at no additional cost.

Embrace’s policy covers oncologist consultations, diagnosis and treatment, including surgery and radiology. The company even includes coverage for rehabilitation and other aftercare.

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Healthy Paws Cancer Coverage

Healthy Paws offers unlimited coverage to all policyholders with no maximum payout limits and no per-incident, lifetime or annual caps. Its coverage plan has two options for an annual deductible and two options for a reimbursement rate.

Whatever options you choose, Healthy Paws provides cancer coverage. This coverage includes diagnostics, surgery, hospitalizations, prescription drugs, specialty care, alternative therapies and treatment options.

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