Do you want social security benefits? Here is your 1 must-have for 2022 | Personal finance


Understanding the limits of your social security statement

As useful as the social security statement is, it is not perfect. It usually assumes that you will continue to work at roughly the same income level for the rest of your career. So if you anticipate changes – whether it’s a higher paying job, early retirement, or semi-retirement with reduced working income – you won’t be able to take the estimates from the statement. for cash.

Additionally, you’ll want to make sure the SSA has accurate information about your employment history. Sometimes employers don’t communicate the right information, which can rob you of your hard-earned benefits.

How to get your social security statement

Previously, the SSA would send a copy of your social security statement by mail every year. Although this practice has changed, the easiest way to access it is through the SSA website. The mySocialSecurity page will allow you to log in and view your latest statement whenever you want.

If you’ve never seen your Social Security statement, or it’s been a while since you last saw it, you should make checking your latest information a priority for 2022. Given the role key that Social Security plays in almost everyone’s financial life, there is no excuse to take just a few minutes and see what the federal retirement program does when the time comes.


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