Dixon school board to discuss site emergency response plans – The Vacaville Reporter


How schools plan to respond to any emergency on campus will be just one of the topics presented at the Dixon school board meeting on Thursday.

By law, schools are required to submit safety plans to ensure their campuses are prepared for emergencies that may arise on campus. The California Department of Education has a checklist that schools are required to follow.

The safety plan included on Thursday’s meeting agenda was the emergency operations plan for the three elementary schools in the Dixon Unified School District, although middle and high schools also have their individual plans.

The plan seeks to determine how to respond to ‘man-made’ crises such as bomb threats or active shooters on campus, but also natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods or man-made disasters. such as chemical spills, plane crashes, fires or explosions.

As part of this plan, teachers are advised to follow seven key objectives during a declared emergency: stay with students at all times until relieved by administration, never release students until authorized by the administration, never give up their post – even to check on their own children who might be students on campus, provide emergency care to their own students if necessary, report to their supervisor any sightings that could lead to an emergency on campus, teach students to never joke or make false reports about emergencies, and maintain an extended supply of personal prescriptions if you are on campus for an extended period of time.

In the event of a major earthquake or other seismic activity, the principal will make a public address announcement, and students and staff will be asked to adhere to duck-and-cover protocols. As such, students will be advised to hide under their desks and cover their heads with their arms and hands and stay away from windows. If they are outside, teachers will ask students to drop to the ground, place their heads between their knees, and cover their heads with their arms and hands.

In the case of human activity such as an active shooter on campus, discoverers are advised to report this to the principal or call 911 if the principal is not available or there is a threat. danger. The Solano County Sheriff’s Office Police Department will then contact the school and ask them to go into lockdown mode. In this mode, all doors are locked, blinds closed, lights off and cell phones off. Teachers are encouraged to take a role and report their presence to the Incident Commander or the Chief of the Staff Accounting Team. Classrooms are to remain in a locked state until further instructions are given.

The plan also identifies what to do in the event of a plane or vehicle crash, poor air quality, anthrax, bomb threat, hazardous material spill, fire. , flood, medical emergency, riot or civil unrest, violent windstorms, suspicious mail and – in the most extreme scenario: nuclear attacks.

In other matters, the board will vote on change orders for construction at John Knight Middle School.

The council will meet at 6 p.m. Thursday at 6 p.m. in Council Chambers, 600 East A St. The meeting will be received by a closed session at 5 p.m. where members will discuss matters relating to district staff.


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