Congressman Hal Rogers Introduces Black Lung Benefit Legislation


WASHINGTON, DC (WYMT) – Rep. Hal Rogers recently introduced bipartisan legislation with Rep. Sanford D. Bishop, Jr. (D-GA) regarding black lung disability benefits.

The legislation aims to speed up benefits from the Black Lung Disability Trust Fund, which benefits coal miners with black lung disease.

The law is the John “JL” White Ensuring Timely Black Lung Benefits Act (HR 6791), named after a former Williamsburg coal miner who died before he could get the benefits he was approved for.

A statement from Rogers’ office said the bill would allow eligible applicants to get payments 60 days after funds are approved.

Mr. White didn’t live long enough to see a penny of the money he was approved for and sadly he’s not the only one. I was able to help his family eventually receive their benefits to pay for their medical expenses, and we hope to help other miner families facing the same situation. Our coal miners are among the hardest workers in the country, and those who develop black lung disease need immediate financial assistance to help pay expensive medical bills,” said Congressman Rogers. “I am grateful to have Congressman Bishop’s support on this bipartisan bill. Together we work to help coal miners across the country, including our shared region of Appalachia.

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