Check your insurance policy for water damage caused by hail


DENVER (KDVR) — Storm damage can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home, but you might be surprised at what your insurance does and does not cover.

Tony Pirotelli’s beautiful mountain home was hit hard by a hailstorm early in the season. After hail accumulated around the house, water from the storm seeped under its door, damaging its wood floor.

“It’s going to be an extra $4,000 to $6,000,” he said.

Pirotelli contacted FOX31 when he learned his insurer would not cover the full amount.

“The water that is hit on the ground by hail is not covered,” he said. Troubleshooters contacted Pirotelli’s carrier, Farmers Insurance, who dispatched an adjuster to take a closer look at the damage.

A spokesperson provided FOX31 with a statement saying, “We continue to work with our client to resolve his complaint.”

The company added awning coverage, but Pirotelli said its fight for full coverage will continue.

“If we don’t make them pay, I won’t pay anything because I will sue them,” he said.

Insurance experts at Risk management partners told problem solvers that seeping water will likely be considered groundwater unless the storm breaks a window, causing water to seep inside.

It is important to understand your carrier’s definition of damage from melting hail or rain versus groundwater. It can make all the difference when the weather turns.


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