Big Hit Responds To Reports That BTS’s Jimin’s Apartment Was Seized Due To Unpaid Health Insurance Premiums


Big Hit Music has officially responded to reports that BTSit is JiminThe apartment was temporarily seized due to unpaid health insurance premiums.

On April 24, Korean news outlet Biz Hankook reported that the National Health Insurance Service seized Jimin’s apartment at Nine One Hannam in Seoul on January 25 because the singer was not paying his health insurance premiums. Jimin first bought the apartment for 5.9 billion won (about $4.7 million) in May last year.

According to the report, Jimin received four separate foreclosure notices at the time his apartment was temporarily foreclosed, and the foreclosure was finally lifted on April 22 after paying overdue health insurance premiums.

Later that evening, Big Hit Music responded with a statement explaining that the situation was caused by a company error.

The full statement from Big Hit Music is as follows:

In this regard, the company is the first to receive all the mail that arrives at the artists’ dormitories, and in the process of relaying it to the artist, some of the mail was omitted by mistake.

Due to Jimin’s overseas activities from the end of last year, his long rest period and his planned overseas activities thereafter, he was unaware of such matters as that [his premiums] being late. As soon as he found out, he paid the arrears in full and now the situation is resolved.

We apologize for causing concern to the artist and fans due to our company’s negligence.

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